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It’s been a while because I haven’t wanted to write this post. Here it is.

A couple months ago, we lost Webster to what appeared to be a heart attack. I know this makes me an extremely fortunate person, but it was one of the saddest days of my entire life.

We had known that his heart wasn’t working quite the way it should for a while, and tried to make sure to keep him away from anything that would stress him out too much. The last time we saw the vet they told me his heart could basically give out at any time– and that was two years ago (the vet stressed him out like none other- they told me just to keep him away from them if at all possible).

When it happened, we were all together at home– he wasn’t alone, and it was swift. That’s all we could have asked for, really. I’m glad he didn’t have a long, drawn out illness. I think the suffering was minimal, and I’m just glad Luke and I were here with him.

It’s been a couple months, so we’re getting through it. That first week or so was very rough, and I still have some really bad days where I just miss him a lot- but it’s getting better.

The other day we were talking about him and I think we summed him up perfectly. Luke said, “Webster lived life on his own terms,” to which I responded, “No, Webster made all of us live life on his terms!” Which is true. He did his own thing, but he enriched our lives by being just the way he was. My Grandma called him “a cat of distinction,” and that is exactly what he was.

A few weeks, we got Chinese takeout for dinner. This was my fortune:

It was very appropriate, because that day was the last day of my part-time interim job and the last weekend before starting a new job that is pretty awesome. It’s still not a perfect dream job, but it’s just about right for right now.

Last week I officially moved out of training status and into full-fledged doing my job status and that feels nice.

For this former-grad-student, it’s amazing to actually be working set hours, and to be getting paid for those hours. Having two real paychecks is amazing!

Everyone here is starting to get along better. I think of it as a cat-dog detente.


Webster and River are getting (a little) better at lap-sharing. It mostly involves Webster pretending that River doesn’t exist and River staring longingly at her fluffy play thing. Hela is even getting better with River- and the two girls are even starting to play together! Play consists of Hela teasing River by hiding under a chair or running around in front of the dog and then running away when River comes after her. It’s pretty funny.

I’ve been knitting like crazy- not all of the knitting I can show. I knit a sweater for the Olympics, but I don’t have a picture of that yet. (But here’s River helping me with the knitting!)

And I’ve finished some socks. Here’s one of the pairs I was talking about in my video post:

That Ottoman is River’s spot so it gets dirty- but I promise it’s not that filthy anymore… ewww.

Have a great day, to all you in internet land!

Hi everyone,

Don’t mind the dust around here- I’m working on changing the blog format and other things, so things might be a touch wonky for a bit.

Check out this sweater I knit!

He loves it. Pattern is Tea with Jam and Bread (now we have matching sweaters).

Check out this pup:

She and I have been spending a lot more time together lately. In December I made the decision to withdraw from school and not go back. It turns out that the rigors of academia aren’t for me- I really want to spend more time with my little family and try to actually contribute to our household finances. That’s why I haven’t been around much- I’ve spent a little bit of time recently hiding from the internet to some degree. I’ve got a part time job, and River can come with me. So for now I’m good, although I’m still looking for something more permanent.

This guy isn’t sure what he thinks about me having a normal works schedule again. His favorite thing is when I’m home all day with him. Hela, on the other hand, is pleased because it means that River is out of the house too.

So that’s what’s been going on here. That’s where I’ve been, and why things might be a little slow coming back. I’m trying to get used to a completely new life. Ultimately, though, it’s going to be a great one!

It’s been a while, internet.

What’s been going on? I got back from Central Asia, and we got a dog! Meet River:


We got her from a local humane society about two months ago. She’s a bit over a year old, and a lab cross- the very sweetest dog!



We love her!! We both grew up in houses with dogs, and while she can be a handful, River is certainly making us happy.

The cats are adjusting, with various levels of tolerance. Webster’s a grumpy old man and will always be. Hela is trying really hard to like River, but is still a little terrified.

I’m not sure how long this Internet will last, nor if this will even post. So here is a quick check in, and a view from my walk home. I’m about halfway through the program, so the next blog post might be when I get back!


This summer has, so far, been intense. First, in the midst of finals, we bought a house. Then, I spent a week in Princeton, NJ doing research. Next, we moved in to our new house and then my dad came to visit. He left yesterday, and then next week I leave for a two-month stint in Central Asia. Phew.

I’ve been doing some spinning, and getting some old WIPs off the needles:



(He looks happy about his new socks, doesn’t he?)

I’ve also been snuggling with these guys, who love their new house:


So, I’m really excited to come home after all that!

A Very Big Thing happened last night. Luke and I closed on our very first house! This means that we are now homeowners, which is crazy!


Since we’ve got at least 5 more years here in this city, and because the housing market here is MUCH more affordable than back home, we decided that buying would be better than renting for those five years. So we did! It’s not a huge house, but it’s on a good-sized lot for this city, and in a neighborhood that is close in distance to where our apartment now is, but miles away in terms of safety, quietness, etc. We’re moving to a good neighborhood!

Now, to finish out the semester, go on a research trip and move all in the next two weeks? Sure, no problem. On that note, I better get back to work.

And to leave you with: A video of Webster. I’m clearly trying to get some work done, and all he’s concerned with is killing the string on my hoodie. Typical.